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July 2, 2006

RBC Announces New Name and Symbol in Stockmarket


The name of Royal BodyCare, Inc. has been officially changed to RBC Life Sciences, Inc. as approved at the Company's Annual Stockholder Meeting. Company stock, which previously traded under the symbol ROBE, will continue to be traded on the OTC Bulletin Board under a new symbol, RBCL.

Clinton Howard, the Company's CEO, explained, "Earlier in the year we changed the names of our nutritional products subsidiaries to:

-- RBC Life Sciences USA, Inc.

-- RBC Life Sciences Canada Inc.

-- RBC Life Sciences Korea Co., Ltd.

"Now we have changed the name of our parent company to reflect the advanced level of biotechnology that goes into the development of our nutritional, skin care, and medical products."

The Company formulates research-based nutritional supplements and manufactures NanoCeuticals(TM), including the mineral-based antioxidant Microhydrin(R). Company products are marketed to independent distributors through three RBC subsidiaries, and licensees in other countries, from its Las Colinas headquarters in Irving, Texas.

A wholly owned subsidiary, MPM Medical, Inc, develops and markets a line of research-based wound care products sold over-the-counter and by prescription in the U.S. through wholesalers, hospitals, clinics, cancer centers and nursing homes.

CONTACT:  RBC Life Sciences, Inc., Irving Steve Brown, 972-893-4000 steveb@rbcls.com www.rbcls.com


June 7, 2006

Would you like to take a product that could relieve your joint and neck soreness and give you softer skin?

Introducing MSM with Nanoclusters!

Sulfur is found in plants, soils, fruits and vegetables. Because of severe soil depletion, poor diets, and over cooking many people are not getting adequate amounts of usable sulfur in the diet. Sulfur is one of the main components of the body and critical for the flexibility and maintenance of cartilage, connective tissue, tendons, bones and muscle.

Various sulfur salts, are found in most of the foods that vertebrates use, however these must be enzymatically converted to usable MSM.

In the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Dr. Jacob says about MSM:

  • Our research suggests that a minimum concentration in the body may be critical to both normal function and structure.”
  • “Unfortunately unless our diet is almost solely milk, it appears that our
    bodies have a possible deficiency.”
  • … and we “are somewhat mystified by the seeming need of the body of adults for a concentration level above that available from a diet presumed as “normal”

Jacob continues to list the areas that have responded to 250-750mg MSM per day

  • Oral MSM moderates diverse reactions to pollen and foods.
  • Controls Hyperacidity in the stomach, often a preferred antacid
  • Controls constipation particularly in the older population and provides continued relief with 100-500mg/day.
  • MSM is a useful dietary supplement to support and possibly increase healthy lung function

Why take MSM?

  • Muscle, bone, cartilage, connective tissue, and tendons make up 80% of the body. Tissue strength depends on sulfur.
  • Millions of American’s are living and trying to function daily with weakened knee, neck, elbow, wrist, back and ankle joints.
  • Aging accentuates joint discomfort, limits mobility, and is costly to remedy
  • Vertebral disc space of the spinal chord is high in sulfur content and aging results in less sulfur in the vertebral fluid and tissue areas
  • Sulfur metabolism and distribution in cartilage is important for healthy joint formation and flexibility.
  • Studies in horses have confirmed that sulfur content in sore and stiff joints is reduced to about one third with respect to normal tissue
  • Retired sports professionals often have stiff and sore joints, primarily the knees, ankle and lower back
  • A peer reviewed clinical study indicated that MSM was as effective or better than a typical over-the-counter remedy for hip and knee soreness.
  • MSM can be taken to help reduce the pain associated with strenuous workouts in athletes
  • Cysteine, one of the most important amino acids, requires sulfur in its composition to make large proteins, for cell membranes, muscles, hair, nails, skin, tendons and ligaments
  • Women are more subject to joint soreness of the hands and knees than men

Read more on MSM, click here!



January 14, 2006

RBC Life Sciences Experiencing Re-Birth Trade, Newspaper Reports

The Network Marketing Business Journal, the leading direct sales and multi-level industry newspaper for the past 21 years, has featured RBC Life Sciences as its “Company of the Month” in its January 2006 issue.

RBC Life Sciences, whose corporate headquarters, communications center, research lab, offices and shipping department are housed in a 112,000-square foot facility in Texas, is a 14-year-old publicly traded nutritional and wellness company that’s swelling its distributor and customer ranks, establishing it as a long-term pillar in the industry.

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December 22, 2005

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December 21, 2005

Exciting News for Chocolate Lovers!

Last week even more research came out looking at the benefits of dark chocolate (such as bittersweet) on blood pressure. Conducted at Tufts University in Boston and reported in the journal Hypertension, the research looked at people who already have high blood pressure.

When they consumed the special dark chocolate over 15 days, both the systolic blood pressure (the top number) and the diastolic (bottom number) dropped about 10 points or 10mm Hg as blood pressure readings go... more

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November 22, 2005

Announcing our 2006 Annual Conference:  A Cruise to the Mexican Riviera

Announcing our 2006 Annual Conference: A Cruise to the Mexican Riviera

Six fun-filled days, seven romantic nights!

April 30, 2006 - May 7, 2006

Join RBC Executives and key RBC Leaders on a Mexican Riviera cruise April 30 - May 7, 2006!

Puerto Vallarta features the unique combination of beautiful beaches and breath-taking mountains. Once referred to as the "millionaire's sandbox," Cabo San Lucas's remote location and unspoiled beauty make this a seaside paradise. Located at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountains , Mazatlan is noted for its sparkling sand beaches and warm Pacific waters.

Are you ready to cruise the Mexican Riviera? Simply call 800-722-0444 to reserve your stateroom today!


We recommend your flight arrives in Los Angeles, CA before noon on Sunday, April 30, 2006
We recommend your flight leaves Los Angeles, CA after noon on Sunday, May 7, 2006

Event Registration Fee: There will be an event registration fee of $49 per cruise attendee.
Please note that this fee is in addition to the stateroom charges as outlined below.

Stateroom Choices:

DOUBLE OCCUPANCY:Inside stateroom: $748 p.p.
Ocean view (Deck 2) stateroom: $873 p.p.
Ocean view (Deck 3) stateroom: $898 p.p.
Ocean view stateroom with a balcony: $1,373 p.p.

SINGLE OCCUPANCY:Inside stateroom: $1,333 p.p.
Ocean view (Deck 2) stateroom: $1,583 p.p.
Ocean view (Deck 3) stateroom: $1,633 p.p.
Ocean view stateroom with a balcony: $2,583 p.p.

Deposit Information:
A deposit of $250 per person is due by December 28, 2005

* Cruise deposits are non-refundable *
For double occupancy staterooms, please have your roommate information available when you call Order Entry
* All prices above include port charges and taxes (prices do NOT include gratuities)
* Remaining balances are due February 16, 2006
* Royal Caribbean coupons can be used toward final payment. They must be mailed to the Royal BodyCare corporate offices and submitted prior to the deadline on the coupon. Required information when calling Order Entry to register for the cruise: Full legal name Date of birth Address to mail cruise ticket to Credit card info Stateroom type Roommate information (for double-occupancy staterooms): Full legal name Date of birth Address to mail cruise ticket to (if different than above) Credit card info (if different than above)

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November 15, 2005

Make 2006 your best year ever by attending the 2006 Leadership Conference / Directors' Training School!

January 20 & 21, 2006 Click Here to Register Online

By attending this event, you will:

  • Tour the 120,000 ft corporate headquarters
  • Attend a dinner at the home of CEO & Founder, Dr. Clinton Howard
  • Get to know the corporate executives one-on-one!
  • Build your belief system in order to create momentum in your organization
  • Maximize your Builders Pool dollars
  • Learn how to close for the Champion Pack
  • Adopt the 2-A-Day Exposure System using the key RBC tools
  • Maximize your income with the RBC compensation plan
  • Use BizTech Plus to build your RBC business
  • Leave the event with a definitive action to jump start your RBC business in 2006
  • Learn the nuts and bolts of building an organization from million-dollar producers

Event registration fee: $49 includes training & dinner at the Howards' home

Schedule of Events:

  • Friday, January 20th 1pm.........Corporate Office Tour
  • 2pm - 3pm....Event registration at the Marriott
  • 3pm - 6pm....General Session at the Marriott
  • 7:30pm.......Mexican Fiesta at the Howards' home
  • Saturday, January 21st 9am - 4:30pm..General Session at the Marriott Hotel Room

Reservations - Please make your hotel reservations directly with the event hotel by calling 972-831-0000.

Remember to ask for the special RBC rate of $89. Las Colinas Marriott 223 W.
Las Colinas Blvd. Irving, TX 75039 T. 972-831-0000
Call 1-800-722-0444 to register today!
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October 18, 2005

Join our NanoCeutical Today Newsletter and receive the latest in Nanotechnology and Nutrition News!

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April 21, 2005

BMI stands for Body Mass Index.

BMI is a reliable indicator of total body fat, which can help you determine if your weight is putting you at risk of certain health challenges. It is a simple calculation of your height to weight ratio.

For adults over 20 years of age, BMI indicates whether you are underweight, normal, overweight, or obese. Use this guideline to help determine your need for a weight reduction program.

A BMI under 18.5 is considered underweight
A BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 is considered normal
A BMI between 25 and 29.9 is considered overweight
A BMI over 30 is considered obese

To calculate your BMI, click here


April 15, 2005

Read 10 Days of Chocolate Success Stories!


April 12, 2005

Q & A on Fructose with Slim Shake

Question: Several folks at our recent RBC Trade Show (10% of enquiries) voiced they have Diabetes and wanted to know if they could take Slim Shake?

It says fructose - BUT it's # 3 ingredient on the label not #1 as listed as maltodextrin, etc as in other products on the market. Can you shine some light on this .......it's a huge group as well as a huge need for them to get their weight down.

Answer: Someone with diabetes should know how much fructose they can handle at a meal. Different people may have different needs. The amount in one Slim Shake is equivalent to that found in a medium apple. Most diabetics can handle an apple at a meal.

Diabetics should be able to determine whether it is allright for them. They need to be the one to make that decision for themselves and they need to be responsible for working it into the food plan, perhaps with the help of the dietician.

There you have it! It's wonderful to get the scoop on equivalents isn't it!

Tip sent in by RBC Directors, Barb & Ron Ashcroft


The Winners of the 4th 10 Days of Chocolate Weight Loss Challenge!

1st Place Winner: John Shaw lost 16 lbs and won $1,000!


                Before                                             After                                                              

"I have been overweight most of my life. I've tried most everything out there including the drinks, pills and even modifying what and how much I eat, and I've attempted to modify my social life and even the way I think and feel about food. It's been a real physical and emotional seesaw!

We all know that this stuff works (to a degree) FOR A WHILE - only to coast back to our starting point (and sometimes worse). Since I heard about Royal BodyCare and 10 Days of Chocolate I was excited and really looking forward to giving it a try, especially since I'm a not-so-secret CHOCOHOLIC.

Well now I'm really excited about RBC and 10 Days of Chocolate! On this plan I finally got to the point where I felt I had the energy I needed to begin even mild exercise at the gym in conjunction with the 10 Days of Chocolate. I found it to be a simple and easy plan to follow which gave me all the nutrition I needed while watching the pounds drop off.

The result is a total weight loss of 16 pounds and a total of 36.25" (3" from my waist) in total body mass. I look and feel great! I'm so very happy and blessed to have found RBC and 10 Days of Chocolate. I continue to get compliments on my new appearance from people that haven't seen me for a few weeks (or longer) and I like the way I feel.

As an added bonus (unanticipated) I have been able to start wearing some of those clothes that I planned I'd wear "someday." RBC and 10 Days of Chocolate, thank you for giving me back my energy as well as the delight in looking and feeling better!"

John Shaw

2nd Place Winner:
Diana Clark lost 12 pounds and won a $250 gift certificate to The Gap!


                Before                                             After                                                              

"I want to thank you for a wonderful 10 days! I have lost 12 pounds and about 6 inches total.

In 1995 after a hysterectomy I was prescribed hormones. In 2 months I gained 58 pounds and have been struggling to lose it for 10 years. I have discovered that this must not only be the key I've been looking for to lose weight but also to balance the hormones that were disturbed during that 2 months some 10 years ago. I can't wait to lose the rest of the weight! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

My 15 year old son has lost 15lbs. and is so happy! Mostly because the shakes taste so good!"

Diana Clark

"P.S. I have NOT tucked in my shirt in a very long time. In this after picture I'm wearing a bodysuit!!" 10 Days of Chocolate is the perfect weight loss system to help you get ready for summer! It is absolutely the easiest and most delicious way to lose weight quickly and safely. Give it a try and you will see a new you in 10 days!

Order The 10 Days of Chocolate


March 30, 2005

Frequently Asked Questions about 10 Days of Chocolate

Q. What makes 10 Days of Chocolate different from other weight loss

A. Unlike other diets, you won't feel hungry or deprived with 10 Days of
Chocolate! On this program, you can indulge in a rich, delicious chocolate
shake once or twice a day and still lose weight! The shake blends instantly
so it can be consumed anywhere and it contains CocoaClusters, which provides
cocoa with enhanced flavor without the need for excess sugar. The protein in
Slim Shake is easily digestible giving you the protein nourishment you need
to lose weight quickly and safely. Plus you will benefit from powerful herbs
and enzymes that will curb your appetite and enhance your digestion. The
whole program works together to help you lose weight quickly, safely and

Q. How will 10 Days of Chocolate help me reach my weight loss goal?

A. Whether you want to lose 5, 10, or 20+ lbs, 10 Days of Chocolate has been
designed for you. It is a program you can follow for 10 days, 10 weeks or
however long it takes for you to reach your goal. The program was designed
to be so delicious and so easy to follow that you will be able to stay on
the program for as long as you need or want to. Once you have reached your
goal, there are many products available to you to help you maintain your new
figure for life.

Q. How easy is the program to follow?

A. It?s so easy! Simply follow the instructions outlined in the 10 Days of
Chocolate Weight Loss Plan Brochure. You can follow this program anywhere
and at any time. You can eat out in restaurants, go on vacation, travel for
business, or attend family functions all while staying on this program. That
?s because there are no foods to weigh or measure, and the delicious Slim
Shake can be easily mixed anywhere, even without a blender.

Q. Does 10 Days of Chocolate really work?

A. People all across North America are enjoying quick, easy weight loss with
this delicious new program. Many users have reported a weight loss of 5-8
lbs just in the first week! This system works and it works fast! You will
see almost immediate results all while you enjoy rich, delicious chocolate!
Here are just a few testimonies:

Tami lost 11 lbs in 10 days
Stacy lost 9lbs in 10 days
Pope lost 9 lbs in 10 days
Cassy lost 6 lbs in 10 days

Q. How can I maximize my weight loss?

A. The best way is to follow the plan enclosed in your system. Replacing dinner with the Slim Shake and following the healthy eating guide will ensure maximum weight loss. If the need to snack arises, simply stick to the Freebies on the plan, and try to go to bed early at night to avoid late night snacking. It is also best to exercise in the morning on an empty stomach for the greatest fat burning effects.

Q. Will I get to eat real food?

A. Yes! You will get to enjoy real food at most of your meals. You will indulge in the delicious chocolate Slim Shake once or twice a day, depending on the day. By following the easy to use guide, you can enjoy most of your favorite foods and still lose weight!

Q. What do I do after I complete the 10 Days of Chocolate program?

A. If you have reached your goal, after the first program, then you are ready to talk with your RBC Associate about the many Stay Slim Forever products available to you. Most people will want to keep going with another
10 Days of Chocolate program until they reach their weight loss goal. There are many effective products available to help you accelerate your weight loss, maintain the weight you?ve lost, build lean muscle, or otherwise help you reach your individual fitness goals.

Q. What are the benefits of Slim Shake?

A. Slim Shake has been specially formulated by Dr. Jerry Phelps who has been at the forefront of the protein shake movement since the 1960?s. This unique, low calorie protein shake blends special easily digestible forms of soy and whey to give you protein with an extremely high biological value and an excellent amino acid profile. The specially formulated soy and whey blend found in Slim Shake provides the quality protein you need to lose weight quickly and easily on a healthy weight loss program. With Slim Shake, you can enjoy high quality protein, vitamins, minerals and the most effective, delicious form of cocoa available!

Q. What do I mix Slim Shake with?

A. We suggest you mix it with skim milk or soymilk for the best taste and added nutrition. It is also delicious with pure chilled water, making it a convenient drink to consume anywhere at any time. You can use a blender to add ice for a thicker shake, or add some fruit if desired.

Q. What are the benefits of soy and whey protein?

A. Some of the many research-backed benefits of a diet that includes soy are:

-Increased fat burning
-A decrease in fat stores
-An increase in lean muscle
-Enhanced heart health
-Greater bone strength

Wheys many benefits include:

-Enhanced fat burning
-Increased lean muscle
-Highly bioavailable protein
-Increased antioxidant production
-Maintenance of healthy cholesterol

Q. How important is water on this program?

A. Water is essential to any weight loss program. We suggest you drink only the most pure water, which will help flush the toxins that have been stored in your fat cells. The most effective water purification system on the
market is the PureLife Water Purifier. The system is easy to install and sits right next to your kitchen sink so you can access pure water anytime for just pennies a gallon! We recommend filling up a water bottle with
PureLife pure water and sipping on it throughout the day. This will help you meet your body?s requirements for clean, pure water.

Q. Should I do this program by myself?

A. We highly recommend that you find a partner who will commit to doing this program with you. Doing it with a friend or family member will make it more fun and you will have instant encouragement every time you need it! You can even do this program with an entire group such as co-workers, a dinner club, church group, or any other group of friends who all want to look and feel their best! Make it fun!

Q. Does this system contain ephedra?

A. No, the products in 10 Days of Chocolate are completely ephedra-free.

Sent in by Barbara & Ron Ashcroft


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NEW SUPPLEMENT! A New NanoCeutical:  Silver 22

Ivory "Papoose" Turner III Professional Body Builder speaks openly about the use of Protivity


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Announcing the Winners of the 2nd 2005 Weight Loss Challenge!

1st Place Winner: Angela Cruciano won $1,000!

Before       After ONLY 2 Weeks!

                        Before                                              After only 2 weeks!

"I entered the Royal BodyCare Weight Loss Challenge mainly for one reason - to shed those extra pounds I put on over the holiday season. My instant indicator that I had gained a lot of weight was when I tried to put on a pair of black pants - I could not even put them on. When I weighed myself after the start of the new year, I was up 8 pounds from my normal weight.

At the start of the Weight Loss Challenge I weighed 138 pounds, each thigh was 22 inches and my waist was 26 inches. I used the 10 Days of Chocolate Weight Loss System for two weeks. Along with 10 Days of Chocolate I went to the gym 4 days a week.

At the end of the two-week period I now weigh 129 pounds. I have lost 3/4th of an inch in each thigh and my waist is down to 24½ inches. I now have no problem fitting into those black pants again. I cannot believe my results!

Now for the future, I am going to use the shakes as a morning meal replacement to maintain my new weight and as a great alternative to breakfast."

- Angela Cruciano

2nd Place Winner:  Sharon Lewis won a $250 shopping spree at The Gap!

"I want to get back to the weight I was 10 plus years ago, so I started 10 Days of Chocolate!! It tastes so good and is so easy of a plan to follow - something I am not great at doing normally!!

I am also faithfully taking 24 Seven Life Essentials, which I really feel is also helping me lose my weight. I now have energy to exercise so I joined Curves and go 4 to 5 times a week. In the last 10 days, I have lost 11 lbs, 2 inches off my waist, 1 inch off my arms and 1.4% body fat!

I am very excited and my goal is to continue with the weight loss products until I reach my goals, then I will maintain on them. I will never go off the supplements as they have given me my life back. I am 60 years old and can do rings around a lot of the younger generation. Thank you Royal BodyCare for always coming out with products that work with our bodies so they can do what they are made to do!"

- Sharon Lewis

They did it and so can you!


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