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Choclate Weight Loss System

“If YOU want something you’ve never had…
YOU must do something you’ve never done…”

Lose Weight on 10 Days of Chocolate!

Yes, that's right, you don't have to feel guilty for giving in to your desires because the cocoa found in the
10 Days of Chocolate™ Slim Shake will satisfy your chocolate cravings.

With 10 Days of Chocolate™, you can reap the health benefits of cocoa and savor every sweet moment
while reaching your weight loss goals.

You aren't dreaming...  you've just entered a new world of indulgent dieting!

It works! It really works. You CAN lose weight while enjoying the delicious taste of chocolate.

Many people are losing as much as a pound a day in their first 10 Days of Chocolate!

How is this possible? With 10 Days of Chocolate!

We're receiving rave reviews from happy dieters: Physicians, nutritionists, and people everywhere
are all losing weight while indulging in the rich, delicious taste of chocolate.

Take a look at some of the phenomenal results both men and women are experiencing
with this revolutionary weight loss system!

You too can reach your goals while enjoying 10 Days of Chocolate!

The 10 Days of Chocoate!


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With the 10 days of Chocolate Weight Loss System, you get:

Chocolate SlimShake

Chocolate Slim Shake

This rich, delicious chocolate shake provides the high quality
protein and nutrients you need to lose weight. 

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  Vanilla SlimShake Protein Powder



CocoaCaps Thermogenic Weightloss Formula

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Ephedra Free Diosin


An ephedra-free blend of energy boosting herbs to help you  
burn unwanted fat and calories.

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Digestion Formula

 Digestion Formula

Get more nutrients from your foods with this blend of
  powerful enzymes and probiotics.


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Losing Weight The SAFE Way!

Three out of 5 adults are overweight.  One in four adults are obese.

Thirteen percent of children are overweight. 

This, in a country full of diet books, videos, weight machines, treadmills and fitness memberships.  

Something is wrong. 
We are doing something about it.

By developing innovating products that make weight loss easier, safer,
more effective and most importantly... permanent.

Our products can make it easier to launch an entirely new healthy lifestyle
that will help you look and feel better than you ever thought possible.

Help reduce your sugar cravings and suppress your appetite with our revolutionary,
scientifically backed weight loss product, BIOSHAPE™


10 Days of Chocolate Amazing Body Transformations!

Safe for Women!

Before  &  After

“As I turned 50, I dropped 6 dress sizes, 53 lbs, 22 inches and entered The Ms. Galaxy Contest!”
- Melodie Janis
Safe for Men!

Before  &  After

“I lost 61 lbs and 24 inches from my 6’8” frame. I haven’t felt this good about my physical appearance in 6 years.”
- Brent Buhl

Safe for Children!

Before  &  After

11 year old Jordaen lost 6” in his waist, 40 lbs… and regained his self-esteem!
- Jordaen


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