The World is Discovering Nanoceuticals!

Clinton Howard, Nanoceutical Pioneer!When we introduced Microhydrin eight years ago in September 1997, there were no newspaper or TV stories on nanotechnology like you see today.

Now it is one of the hot topics. Steve Forbes says nanotechnology is the next major revolution — and the next great business opportunity.

Why? Because, products less than one hundred billionth of a meter act according to a different set of physical laws, resulting in new and different properties with amazing benefits never dreamed of before.


What Are The Benefits of NanoCeuticals?

The activity of most large compounds occurs primarily at receptors on its surface. Therefore a greater surface area can usually provide greater activity.

For example if you put a sugar cube on your tongue you will experience a certain amount of sweet taste.

However, if you crush the sugar cube into a powder of thousands of sugar crystals you will instantly taste much greater sweetness.

The same applies to antioxidant compounds. More surface area, exposing more antioxidant electrons to scavenge free radicals means greater antioxidant activity.

Imagine an antioxidant compound as large as a basketball with its activity limited to its exposed surface area.

Then imagine the antioxidant in the form of hundreds of small marbles that fill the basketball – creating thousands of times more surface area and therefore far greater antioxidant action.

Large antioxidant compounds can take 30 minutes to hours of digestion and absorption to release available electrons.

NanoCeuticals are compounds so small that they expose a much greater surface area and are immediately active.

That is what transforms Microhydrin from a mixture of ordinary minerals into a powerful antioxidant – and a true NanoCeutical!

Which Products Are True NanoCeuticals?

RBC was the first company to introduce a nanoscale nutritional product – the antioxidant Microhydrin.

In addition to manufacturing Microhydrin, Dr J.L.Phelps used this same principal to create HydraCel to improve tap water by lowering surface tension, alkalinizing and converting the chlorine to a harmless form.

More recently he again applied this technique to develop the healthy, delicious Slim Shake that is part of the 10 Days of Chocolate plan.

Why? Because cocoa reduced to nanosize CocoClusters has a much greater surface area that literally explodes the flavor creating a delightful chocolate taste.

We coined the word NanoCeuticalsto describe this new group of nutritional supplements that today includes Microhydrin, HydraCel, NanoClusters and Slim Shake.


Do I Really Need to Take Antioxidants?

Thousands of clinical studies and mountains of peer-reviewed papers in medical journals have proven the extreme importance of antioxidants to your health and wellbeing.

Every day our modern life style creates increased levels of oxidized free radicals in our bodies – more industrial chemicals, more preserved fast-foods high in fat and sugar, more air and water pollution, and more stress.

Raw fruits and vegetables are often unavailable in restaurants and school cafeterias.

Top scientists say that these high levels of free radicals are one of the principal causes of our most dangerous diseases including coronary heart disease and cancer.

Studies have shown that while antioxidants in fresh fruits and vegetables do help combat free radicals, broad-spectrum antioxidant supplements are necessary to adequately reduce their constant damage.


How Do I Choose The Best Antioxidants?

Since there are different types of free radicals – oil based, water based, direct acting and indirect– you need different types of antioxidants.

True evaluation of the efficacy of an antioxidant cannot be based on only one test but by several different tests:

  1. Oxidation/Reduction Potential (ORP) – indicates the amount of negative free electrons available to scavenge free radicals.
  2. Does it recycle and increase potency of other antioxidants?
  3. ORAC – indicates high pigment type antioxidants.
  4. Does it reduce NAD–as an energy precursor?
  5. Does it reduce lactic acid during strenuous exercise or labor?
  6. Has it been shown to scavenge the most dangerous free radicals – hydroxyl, super oxide, and peroxyl free radicals?
  7. Has it been shown to actually protect viability of living cells from free radical damage?


Take and Recommend Microhydrin Plus

Microhydrin Plus provides eight other powerful antioxidants that provide a wide range of important benefits:

  1. Microhydrin Plusalpha lipoic acid – shown in animal studies to protect nerve cells and improve brain function, increase energy, and to reverse free radical damage from aging. It also recycles other antioxidants.
  2. n-acetyl l cysteine – shown to protect DNA in skin cells
  3. quercitin – a potent bioflavinoid, anti-viral, and antioxidant that gives color to fruits and vegetables, reduces the risk of high cholesterol, increase absorption of vitamin C, supports health of lungs, prostate, and sinuses.
  4. milk thistle extract – shown to support liver health
  5. ascorbic acid – major water based antioxidant that supports immune cells and connective tissue.
  6. niacinamide – releases energy from carbohydrates and is needed in healthy skin, brain tissue, and to promote sleep.
  7. selenium – essential mineral that is deficient in the food crops of several areas of the US. A double blind study showed that 200 mcg/day reduced the incidence of skin cancer by 50%.
  8. green tea extract – shown to protect heart, brain and liver cells from free radical damage

Protect your body from the processes of early aging and increased risk of chronic disease caused by high levels of free radicals, by eating a diet that is high in raw, colored fruits and vegetables (natural antioxidants) and by supplementing your diet with at least two Microhydrin Plus each day.

You can be proud that you helped to educate the public about one of the most important advances in nutrition in the last fifty years.



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