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Ayurveda At Your Doorsteps - Comprehensive and interactive Ayurvedic resource for one and all offers Free Multispeciality Online Consultations, Customized Ayurvedic Packages, Package Tours, Panchakarma Programs, Promotional Support, Weekly Newsletter, Products, Books, Films, and practical information that you can use.

Calories In Food - Advice about calorie needs, calories burned, weight loss and diet.

The Fat Loss Coach - A Nutritional Breakthrough! - Lose 2-3 lbs. of fat weekly. All programs designed by nationally recognized nutritionist Charlie Remington. Control hormonal response to foods. Lose fat without losing muscle or reducing metabolism.

Health and Fitness Information and Products - Health and fitness articles to empower the individual to make intelligent health choices.  Save 25% - 75% on popular health products and fitness supplements.

VITAMINSDIARY .COM - Vitamins, Herbs, Minerals & Amino Acids Information Centre.

Vitamin Nutritional Formulation, Allergy Research Thorne Hurbs Encapsulations Tyler Vitaline PhytoPharmica - Health Nutritional Therapies Allergy Relief Formulas Thorne Research Medical Dictionary  Nutricology Vitamins Supplements Medications Gaia Herbs Tyler Pure Encapsulations Integrative Therapeutics Douglas Labs NF Formulas Buy PhytoPharmica  Medicines Vitaline Syndrome Weight Loss.

Sacred Life Center for Healing and Empowerment

Alok Holistic Health - Supporting body-mind-spirit growth and well being through nutrition counseling, live-food, meditations, yoga, reiki, massage, parties, events, exotic retreats, & celebration.

Discover Mossberry Hollow - Escape the pressures of the day by surrounding yourself with nature, harmony and health. Find the products you'll need to create your retreat - from bath & body, art, jewelry, health products, gifts and more. Live life well. www.mossberry.com

Body, Mind & SoulHealer - Free your mind, body, and spirit naturally! Naturopath and medical intuitive, Dr. Rita Louise, Ph.D. a can help you identify what is really going on and provide you with straightforward guidance and advice. Find a full line of nutritional and health products.

Holistic Junction - Your Pathway to Discovery - A community of people interested in all things holistic. Here, you will find what you need; share what you know; discuss what you're not sure about. Create your own web site, participate in online forums (over 80 categories), peruse the Business Directory, publish your original articles, opinions, artwork, and so much more.

Nutrition and Diet Directory: Fat-attack.com - Diet and nutrition advice for women watching their weight, slimming advise and healthy eating menu for health foods.

Nutritional Biomedicine - Your Guide to Preventive Nutrition with Dr. Jan Hamilton, Ph.D., R.D./L.D. Nutritional Biomedicine is a nutrition, alternative healthcare and alternative medicine research clinic specializing in wellness through proper nutrition. We offer testing to analyze your current state of health and individualized wellness programs to address your nutritional needs.

Calcium Factor - Read the Calcium Factor to learn about the health benefits of coral calcium.

Women's Health Advocate, Nadia Alterio - Offers Health, Fitness, Nutrition & Exercise Advice to Women from of ALL walks of life. Recommended Nanoceutical Based Supplements for all Women.

Ab's For Life - Dreaming of having an incredible SIX PACK? Learn How! It Is Possible! Visit Lance Austin's Abs For Life Today!


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